Membership Agreement


We offer the following types of memberships:

Pricing is based on how many Drop-In Classes you want to do each week. 


$47.50 fortnight

$85 fortnight

$115 fortnight

$140 fortnight

$180 fortnight

$210 fortnight


$23.75 p/w

$42.5 p/w

$57.50 p/w

$70 p/w

$90 p/w

$105 p/w

What You Get

Course Fee

Course Fee

Course Fee

Course Fee

Course Fee

Course Fee

What You Get +


1 Drop In p/W

2 Drop-in p/W

3 Drop-in p/W

4 Drop-In p/W

Unlimited Drop-In



5x Practice

5x Practice

5 x Practice

5 x Practice

Unlimited Practice

You Save

5% off Drop Ins

15% off Drop Ins

20% of Drop-Ins

25% off Drop-Ins


5x Practice time is for the term, not per week. Extra Practice Time passes can be purchased from the retail store at at a cost of $5 per session or a 5 pass for $25.

 1.1 Your responsibilities

By signing your Membership Agreement, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Direct Debit Service Agreement. You must ensure that you are aware of and understand these terms and conditions.

1.1.1 Commencement of membership

Your membership commences on the date specified as the Commencement Date on your Membership Agreement.

1.2 Minimum term

You are committed to your membership for 16 weeks (8 fortnightly payments) from the Commencement date.

1.3 Your payments

Your first payment is payable on the day you sign your Membership Agreement. This first payment is not refundable, even if you cancel your membership within the cooling off period.

We will debit your membership fees from your nominated debit or Credit card fortnightly on the nominated day of weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 of our studio terms, as set out in your Membership Agreement. This means you will always be 2 weeks paid up in advance.

1.4 Cooling off period

You have 48 hours from the date of your Membership Agreement to cancel your membership by writing to us.

1.5 Change of Membership

1.5.1 Downgrades

You can downgrade your membership, after the initial minimum term of your Membership Agreement, by giving us 14 days notice in writing prior to the new term commencing. Once the term has commenced, you cannot downgrade your membership.

1.5.2 Upgrades

You can upgrade your membership at any time by contacting your studio.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The initial minimum term of 8 weeks (4 fortnightly payments) will recommence from the new Commencement Date.

1.6 Cancelling Classes & Make up classes

A minimum of 8 hours’ notice is required to cancel a class. If you give more than 8 hours notice, you will be entitled to make up that class and book into another class subject to availability and prior to their expiration.

If you miss any classes in a week, you will have until the end of the term to make up those classes, after which they will expire. Drop In classes can be used as make-up classes if you are booked into a course. Other course classes can be used as make-up classes if you have the pre-requisite for the level and depending on availability.

Missed classes will not be transferred over to the next term.

1.7 Deactivation of membership

If your fees are in arrears for more than 14 days, we will suspend your membership until your payments are up to date. This will be debited from your account by our service provider, and you authorise this.

1.8 Suspension of payments

During the Christmas/New Year closure your direct debit payments will automatically suspend whilst the studio is closed over this break. Your final payment for the year will be Wednesday of week 8 of the studio term 6, and the next payment will be Wednesday of week 2 of studio term 1.

1.9 Freezing your membership

You can freeze your membership for a maximum of 8 weeks each calendar year by giving the studio 14 days’ notice in writing. Minimum suspension period is 2 weeks.

If you freeze your membership within your minimum term, any time freezes are not considered as a payment toward your Membership Agreement.

You cannot freeze your membership if you have any outstanding fees that are overdue or owe us money. We will not backdate your request to freeze your membership so please ensure that you make any request to freeze your membership with a minimum of 14 days’ notice.

1.10 Late payments

You will not be charged a dishonour fee if your direct debit fails for any reason.

We will continue to debit your nominated account without notice until we have recovered the total amount outstanding.

1.11 Cancellation Policy

1.11.1 During your minimum term

If you are injured or ill and want to cancel your membership, you must provide the studio with a medical certificate. Once we have received your medical certificate, we will suspend your membership for a full studio term. At the end of the studio term you must then provide a further medical certificate and if your medical professional certifies that you are unable to continue after this time, we will cancel your membership.

If you want to cancel your membership within the minimum term for any reason other than injury or illness you will be liable for and must pay the balance owing of the minimum term.

1.11.2 After your minimum term

In order to cancel your membership after your minimum term, you must write to your studio providing 14 days’ notice of your intention to cancel your membership. Depending when in the term you cancel, you may have a final payment after you notify us.

1.11.3 Cancelling your membership by us

If you do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, your Membership Agreement, our Policies and or the Direct Debit Service Agreement, we may cancel your membership and you cannot make a claim against us.