Loyalty Rewards

Learn everything you need to know about our loyalty rewards system.


Become A Client

In order to start receiving loyalty rewards you need to become a Pole Kitty Fitness client.

If you are a client already, skip to next step.

If you’re new here, see How It Works and join the fun!


Download Badger

Pole Kitty Fitness reward points are a crypto based system, in order to receive points you need to create a wallet that stores all your points securely.

We recommend using Badger!

Please download the App on your phone and come to this page for step three.


Create Your Wallet

Video Walk through:

  1.  Load Badger and select New Wallet
  2.  Click the Yellow banner up the top saying “Please backup your Seed Phrase”
  3.  Click Reveal Seed Phrase
  4. Write down your 12 word phrase on paper (this is used to recover the wallet, incase your phone dies or you want to import your wallet to desktop)
  5.  Click Receive at the bottom of the screen, press the SLP button: This is how you receive Pole Kitty Fitness Tokens.
  6. Tap the QR code to copy your address and send it Pole Kitty Fitness to join the address book for point allocation.


Earning Rewards

1 Point = 1 Pole Kitty Fitness Token

Points are collected by Caitlyn and distributed on the 27th of each month by Nick.

Social Media Posts

Clients can earn points by sharing and tagging in their Facebook or Instagram Posts!

Pole Kitty Fitness Social media posts can only be shared once to receive points.

  • Social Media Sharing 1 Point

    Re-sharing a Pole Kitty Fitness Post

  • Social Media Original Post 5 Points

    Sharing an original post, tagging the Pole Kitty page and using the hashtag #polekittyfitness

Refer a Friend

Clients can earn tokens by referring their friends.

  • 1st Person 10 Points
  • 2nd Person 15 Points
  • 3rd Person 20 Points
  • 4th Person 25 Points
  • 5th Person 30 Points
  • 6th Person (recurring) 30 Points

    * Anyone after the 5th Referral will get 30 points each referral.

Passing Levels

When clients pass a level they will receive a Pole Kitty Badge and earn points according to the table below. See levels information for more.

  • White 5 Points
  • Yellow 10 Points
  • Orange 15 Points
  • Green 20 Points
  • Blue 25 Points
  • Purple 30 Points
  • Pink 35 Points
  • Red 40 Points
  • Black 50 Points


Redeeming Rewards

When a client is to redeem a lesson for the first time, Pole Kitty Fitness will send approximate value of $0.05 Bitcoin Cash to the clients account which will cover fees for redeeming up to 10 lessons. (We’re happy to walk you through it, takes about 5 mins)

Once the blockchain confirms the transaction, the client will be able to send 60 PKF Tokens to the Redeem Lesson Public Address

Once 60 PKF is sent to the Redeem Public Address it will show on the ledger, please note the last 5 characters of your transaction.

After the first step, you can redeem points at anytime when making on booking on the website on checkout; Select PFK Token instead of credit or paypal.

Transaction Example
To see the Transactions, click the button below and scroll down. It may take a few minutes to show up.


SLP Token Contract

The Pole Kitty Fitness Rewards System is built on the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and is considered a crypto currency with no fiat ($) value. There is no plan to release the PKF Token on any exchange and will only be used as an in-house rewards system.

The Pole Kitty Fitness Token information can be found on the Bitcoin Cash and Simple Ledger Blockchain.