The Levels

Earn pole kitty badges, loyalty points and become a pole kitty ninja!

Pole Kitty Fitness Levels

  • Level 1 White

    * Beginner Stage

  • Level 2 Yellow

    * Beginner Stage

  • Level 3 Orange

    * Beginner Stage

  • Level 4 Green

    * Intermediate Stage

  • Level 5 Blue

    * Intermediate Stage

  • Level 6 Purple

    * Intermediate Stage

  • Level 7 Pink

    * Advanced Stage

  • Level 8 Red

    * Advanced Stage

  • Level 9 Black

    * You're a pole ninja!

Beginner Classes

Levels 1-3 😺 White, Yellow & Orange

To start pole dance, you don’t need any core strength, co-ordination or flexibility – We start with the very basics, like walking around in a circle – and gradually build from there with spins and choreography. We’ll learn to get upside down and gain strength to climb the pole.

To move up to the next level, you need to be confident in your Inverts, Cross knee release, Jamilla, hello boys and climbing.

Intermediate Classes

Levels 4 – 6 😺 Green, Blue & Purple

We start working on straddles, outside and inside leg hangs and all the wonderful moves that come from them. In the intermediate levels – we focus more on building strength and foundation tricks for our advanced levels. We work on combining moves together.

To be able to move to the next level, you need to be confident in your straddle, Butterfly, Superman.

Advanced Pole Classes

Levels 7 - 8 😺 Pink & Red

You’ve been doing Pole Dance for a while now and are pretty addicted. In our advanced levels we work on gravity defying tricks, and longer combos. You should be working on developing your own style.

To move to elite level, you must be confident in your jade splits, allegra, ayesha, shoulder mounts, extended butterfly, & handstands on the pole.

Elite Pole

Levels 9 😺 Black

Once you get to Black Level you’re basically a Pole Ninja and have developed your own style. We can work together on routines and develop a nice team of elite pole fitness experts.

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